My name is Bo Rinaldi and this is my story, and the story of thousands of others. Our new book Health Realized will explain it all, and if you want a copy, we will also be putting up at Amazon for $19.95, using their Print On Demand feature. If you want to share your story about self healing by following a plant based lifestyle, please email me here so we can include you in our next edition You see, I was healed naturally at 12 years old! Let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Bo Rinaldi and I have been a vegan since 1960.  At the age of 12, my mother and father were besides themselves, as I had seemingly incurable asthma and allergies. We went to every clinic and doctor they could find yet no one was able to help me. Then in 1960, y mother took me to a Seventh Day Adventist doctor that gave my mother the book ‘Back To Eden’. I read the book from cover to cover and in two weeks was a budding herbalist and vegan cook, not even know what those terms meant! In a matter of two weeks I reversed ALL the symptoms of my asthma and allergies and have enjoyed perfect health since. I eliminated all the wheat, dairy, eggs and meat and am forever grateful to that doctor, my beautiful mother, and yes all that have helped me on my path. I was a precocious kid and I learned that the term vegetarian was not in our language until 1839, and that before that we were called Pythagoreans. Yes, I became a Pythagorean and to this day believe, as did he, that the “Man To Plant” connection is the ultimate way to human perfection. The man that brought us the theory of 7, the golden mean, pi and many other ideas related to numbers, also brought us the wisdom that the color of food describes its workings in our bodies! Sound familiar? Modern day science is just catching up to Pythagoras with discoveries daily, regarding “superfoods”, phenols and the healing nature of color in our food sources. Maybe this will inspire you to invite your 12 year old into the kitchen too, in order to learn the ancient art of preparing a plant based feast together so that you all may realize perfect health together. I am now in my sixties, never use any medicine, am healthier than ever and am blessed with a beautiful wife and family.