Health Realized

My name is Bo Rinaldi and this is my story, and the story of thousands of others. Our new book Health Realized will explain it all, and if you want a copy, we will also be putting up at Amazon for $19.95, using their Print On Demand feature. If you want to share your story about self healing by following a plant based lifestyle, please email me here so we can include you in our next edition You see, I was healed naturally at 12 years old! Let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is… Continue reading

Engaging With A CEO Coach Featuring Bo Rinaldi

When engaging a CEO Coach, it is important to get one who that is qualified, experienced and you are comfortable with. How do you choose such a CEO Coach? Discuss with them the kind of coaching experiences they have had and the kinds of people they work with. Do they have coaching references, and ask to meet or call them. Engaging a CEO Coach can be the most important thing to advance your life’s objectives.… Continue reading

Cooking Healthy Lessons With Mark Reinfeld

Let Master Chef Mark Reinfeld show you how its done at Cooking Healthy Lessons. Learn the secrets he uses for his celebrity clients. Master your health and well being now. This is a $1500 course he gives around the world and is now yours for only $97. This includes videos, lessons, secret recipes, webinars, guest chefs and so much more!… Continue reading

Free Your Mind With Nij Naik And amAya Alpha Mind System

There are many ways to Free Your Mind. We show you here how to virtually eliminate all stress and anxiety now. Check out the Alpha Mind System coming Sept 2011. Live in peace now and forevermore.  … Continue reading